Preprint/Under Submission

Graduate Papers:
  • A. Murph and C. Storlie (2022+). Bayesian Changepoint Detection for Mixed Data with Missing Values.
    Late draft. Poster at ICHI IEEE 10.
  • A. Murph, J. Hannig, and J. P. Williams (2022+). Generalized Fiducial Inference on Differentiable Manifolds.
    Late draft. Poster at BFF7.
  • Y. Liu, J. Hannig, and A. Murph (2022+). A Differential Geometric Perspective on Generalized Fiducial Inference.
    Late draft.
  • A. Murph, J. Hannig, and J. P. Williams (2021). Introduction to Generalized Fiducial Inference. Accepted to Chapman & Hall Handbook on Bayesian, Frequentist, and Fiducial Inference. Preprint. Code Repository.

Undergraduate Papers: